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September 08, 2009


Here's some useful tips to share with u guys while baking your butter cake.

1) Too high heat will cause the cake to crack in the centre.

2) Creaming the butter & sugar for too long will result in cake sinking in the centre. With fruit cakes, the fruit will sink to the bottom.

3) If the butter and sugar are under beaten, it will result in a chewy texture and less volume.

4) Over baking results in a thicker crust and shrinking sides.

5) When cake is baked, it has to be removed from the mould immediately or the cake will shrink and have less volume.

6) The baking tin / mould should be greased and lined with paper or dusted with flour.

7) The bigger or thicker the cake, the longer it needs to be baked at a slightly lower temperature.

8) If sugar is not well blended or creamed or if you use coarse sugar, there will be holes on surface of the cake after baking.

9) Butter cakes should be baked on the lower rack of the oven. Smaller cup cakes should be baked on the middle rack.

10) All butter cakes can be baked in any shape mould.

11) If the mixture is over beaten or creamed, the cake will sink. If it is under beaten or creamed, the cake will be chewy and shrunken.

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