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June 11, 2009

Cuppies Strawberry Balasan

Ingat lagi tak pada En. Am? kat previous entry en. am hantar cuppies strawberry xs size kat buah hati dia.. Kali ni buah hati dia Cik Damia pulak yg order cuppies ni minta surprise kan en. am di ofis dia.. wahhhh wahhhhhh.. main balas2 ek.. takpa2.. aku suke dik.. hihihiii..
Cik Damia yg kiut-miut dan bersuara sangat la manja.... order cuppies yg ada buttercream & minta layer dengan filling strawberry & blueberry. After having a short discussion, we had agreed to design a very simple cupcakes but attract eye look.

Thanks Damia.. I like to see both of you. Corresponding and mutually love. Get marry soon ya dik..


  1. Hi, I'm returning the visit and I just want you to know that I love anything with strawberries!!! I don't know what BALASAN is, but I love the colors! Looks very delicious!
    XO, Nina

  2. Hi , im quite good thanks and you?
    Yes you can copy my recipe if you like . If you post it on your blog just put a link to my post that's all ...bye sweetie!


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